Our Symbol and Partner in this Journey​


As an Indigenous organization, we have sought support and partnership from the Spirit World through Ceremony and listening to guidance. A Red Tree in a Circle with a Blue Background stepped forward and offered 3 concepts that would be our foundation, and the ground from which all intentions and actions are to spring.

  • The Red of the Tree represents the Red Day when the Sun is out, and the Blue of the background represents the Blue Day when the Moon is out. They also represent the Physical and Spiritual Worlds. We wish to honour both Worlds in our work.
  • The Three Roots hold the concepts: ‘To Learn,’ ‘To Grow’ and ‘To Reclaim’.
  • The Circle holds the inclusion of all perspectives, all nations of life, all parts of the Medicine Wheel, and speaks of the development of the whole person: Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit. It carries a balanced vision of Indigenous Education that includes culture, connection, community and curriculum.
  • The Tap Root in this image speaks of the resilience of this organization and for those who care for her to dig deep to always ‘do what is right’.

Thank-you to All Nations Print for the beautiful logo design.