Our Name

Full Circle for Indigenous Education is a name that speaks of our Spirit partners, and the gifts and capacities that are developed as a life form matures. Through learning and challenge, wisdom is accumulated from all parts of the journey, and finally that life form comes home to remembering who she is, and why she is here. This name has been independently received from two different Grandmothers and has been gratefully honoured in Ceremony and has been Feasted.

Our Intentions: To Learn, To Grow, To Reclaim

It is our intention to support learning in regard to history, culture, language, Indigenous pedagogy and Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being. Through that learning, the growth of the whole person is supported, and the full story of our shared history is acknowledged. Within that growth, we move closer to reclaiming lost aspects of self, family, community and healthy relationships with ourselves and all that surrounds.

Our Vision

Full Circle for Indigenous Education seeks to enrich the learning and growth of people in Manitoba to support the reclamation of Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being.

We believe:

• All children are a gift from Creator to be nurtured and cherished as they become well-rounded members of society. All children thrive in a learning environment that addresses their traditions, culture, interests, needs, and diversity.

• Learning flourishes when Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators demonstrate respect, reciprocity, relationship and responsibility for each other.

• The inclusion of traditional teachings, worldviews, history and, oral traditions within educational practice strengthens learning and understanding of Indigenous culture, language and tradition.

• Learning is enhanced in an educational system that promotes, validates, and utilizes what Indigenous educators bring to the education system.

• Everyone has a right and a responsibility to address the issues, challenges, and interests of Indigenous students and educators.

• Indigenous education is for all people, not just for Indigenous students and educators. Education and curricula are tools that facilitate understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of the past, present, and future contributions of Indigenous peoples.