The Full Circle Library provides clarity, confidence, and efficacy for educators.

The Full Circle Library includes resources appropriate for kindergarten to senior years to adults. We work to include the perspectives of various Indigenous Nations with a focus on the First Peoples of Manitoba. Language experts review books that include an Indigenous language.  Screened virtual resources are waiting for you to access them, including websites, documentaries, books, games, and more.

Use the library, rate a resource, submit a resource to be screened or send us your suggestions!

The Full Circle Library is now open!

COVID-19 Update

As we all learn to navigate alongside Covid-19, we at Full Circle have been actively searching for how to meaningfully and safely support educators for the 2021-22 school year.

For the foreseeable future, all offerings will be in online platforms, and with a priority to meet these times through connection with ourselves, each other and all our relations.

As always, we are best reached by email at, or through our website at Please feel free to send us your thoughts on what you need as an educator.

We offer our prayers for all those who gather to learn together, in all the ways that we meet. We thank you for this sacred work on behalf of the children and the children’s children.

 Be well, and walk with deep care for yourself.

All Our Relations.

Full Circle for Indigenous Education… To Learn, To Grow, To Reclaim.

We are a Circle of educators, knowledge keepers, and interested others who are committed to supporting rich, appropriate and inspiring education in Indigenous perspectives for all.

Full Circle is the current evolution of what was born in 1987 as the Aboriginal Teacher’s Circle, and most recently expressed as the Aboriginal Circle of Educators (ACE). This organization has moved through many developmental phases, and has now come Full Circle.

Our Commitment

Full Circle for Indigenous Education:

• Seeks to build capacity within Indigenous Education for all people, by offering learning opportunities in Indigenous culture, history, language, perspectives, and suitable pedagogy for Indigenous Peoples.

• Is committed to empowering educators to utilize best practices.

• Celebrates achievement within Indigenous Education through annual Full Circle Education Awards.